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[강좌]Udemy - Using Docker to Implement Effective Linux Virtualization

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Learn to use Docker from the ground up to keep your sites and apps running longer, more securely, and more efficiently!

Remember that time when you had to reinstall Linux?

What about when you crashed your own servers and had to spend more time fixing it?

Or when you had so many VMs running that your apps started running really sloooooowly?

It happens to the best of us.

Docker to the Rescue! Build Fast, Contained Applications on Linux

Docker came to the rescue to fix these problems, and its been all the rage recently! Amazon supports it on Amazon Web Services, Google is running their search engine inside a Docker container, and even VMWare, who would seem to be a competitor, chose to work with the Docker team to make containerization work with their Virtual Machines.

Through this course, you will learn to use Docker from the point of view of a beginner, even if you are not familiar with virtualization and its benefits. By the end of this course, you will feel comfortable deploying user-facing applications hosted within containers, knowing that they will run more quickly, reliably, and scalably. Most importantly, you will have all the tools you need to confidently expand your own knowledge, and maybe even create your own cloud infrastructure!

Topics this course will cover:

Differences between traditional VMs and Docker containers
When and how to use the Dockerfile
Running containers forever
When to use aliases (all the time)
Getting ready for production
Container management tools
Deployment Strategies

Torrent files list (total 708.09 MB in 24 files):

d817e1e12125ce7029c9479fbf5c8b78.gif b4344c3eb2e7c2c483a5dbe7b91adffd.gif [04 Power User Features]
887cca8c90795ecf6a79ec5465cfcf6e.gif aedd02afed8d3d076d5ea5b8eb3d145a.gif 7131f8591d7914b85e12c8b509d4e1ed.gif 001 Docker-compose formerly Fig overview and installation.mp4 (8.69 MB)
54a2b1ee2a788c183c3d5580b3846d9d.gif f30a56b73e8711112e4420e5c078442d.gif c8f8e9f015dc3f15219fa73d3f00fab2.gif 004 Using Rancher to manage multiple docker containers and hosts.mp4 (41.68 MB)
f49221ace16551c23684e439badb8e67.gif 5c97871aece53909fb7d2de53548b074.gif 97f331ca7c209375f5f8e911dc6dbd12.gif 003 Deployment Strategies - Taking advantage of nameservers and nginx.mp4 (21.06 MB)
9b0bc5f116582083d74b1eb88d2279e5.gif 785430de865e77782da3c1c15d374ccb.gif fd4baf8d3aeb6e1d7d1e6b65a672f48e.gif 002 Using docker-compose to get up and running with mean.js.mp4 (67.06 MB)
e9f2e1300690e7e20085a887c8084a97.gif a320294a86ded883d38ed57bbdd97134.gif [03 Best Practices for Production]
14d0c1949248f107384fd5689246f403.gif 32961f2569b29ab9b8da5bd942396ff0.gif bf65efaaf38e661b496c361aae5a6d13.gif 003 Why and how to disable root login.mp4 (16.35 MB)
51dfc28da2082518492276ce4e2bd845.gif 5350104d061b598280f352e2eb29035d.gif 1950b35218acfab187c59237bc6d2d26.gif 006 Running a production app part 2 - Database.mp4 (25.40 MB)
87fbfc19cd56a58948d378ce05aaecd2.gif 6cc0c9d7bd4a58e5f2febb2ff12bf8f7.gif eb05a4493ac83d61f81c4b4ea850bacf.gif 007 Running a production app part 3 - Linking the server and database containers.mp4 (18.92 MB)
7dc278fe63b65f3b33723dd6fb9fb5b6.gif 4553091aa2e4272bd7e7d6d762d405b4.gif 5a0bdabd15a989a4abbaa9fae897c9ce.gif 005 Running a production app part 1 - HTTP server.mp4 (40.73 MB)
b499e52568d719ff73ec955f462a2a58.gif 97571f4b243d77d8559238c2ff928a6c.gif 540f5e745970a69b4d097c4caffe183f.gif 004 Setting up the servers SSH config file.mp4 (4.24 MB)
bdb712f6cbeab834b2e085737b914359.gif 9fd3260beb04ba027d5f126f3d29ef0c.gif 1a1bef35908e8b6a32e15ef76e5b0f01.gif 002 Making containers run forever.mp4 (34.26 MB)
e39be4f23b1101807bc64edc12aa9f0a.gif 224d7b81a51f86cfa9521f0b5bb820c6.gif b55eac3fd2738f21062b4606a7fc7400.gif 008 Running a production app part 4 - Mean.js example application.mp4 (52.25 MB)
400d38275731765f8111ec3cdb64bc9c.gif 9ca569f4b3be197b52d7706208ce55a8.gif c95b661e1201f72a35561474f296171f.gif 009 Conclusion.html (1.34 KB)
ae8746b6fdb21e108cc49253c8611cdc.gif bb249202125a3736c8f654de68f76100.gif 2a1921cd10505e47372002e360364a39.gif 001 Setting up a Secure FTP connection.mp4 (9.47 MB)
6d8f72100f4159dbfc04d9bc56a8c6c4.gif 4b25dbca5988390702f909cc233b1b39.gif [01 Conceptual Overview and Getting Started]
b14338f6674757ffb1e4858057357a02.gif c6808e9c628551e477b2d60965626aa9.gif d1014233cef62abc9d6ca06dbadc4fb8.gif 003 The benefits of Virtualization.mp4 (105.56 MB)
b7fbbc5fd8cf799a3842bfd53134ee40.gif 86dec535ba9368aa04a636f1500d2b3d.gif 64a30380b2896896b9df0a3370dfd685.gif 004 Installing Docker.html (2.89 KB)
528155e2c9c53e3d519d164eca8e9569.gif 79dc4516f16428c6248aff2b15b49221.gif de8e0f6e8a7e75fef962be3a40d2216b.gif 001 Overview of the Course.mp4 (39.32 MB)
55a8beb581ae70e94690d62e4ed884a6.gif e9796b6240218004200526eb067909b3.gif 5e6a90491ec022234244629bf621fadc.gif 005 Installation problems.mp4 (10.11 MB)
33720029dde9b0cf09e8f5741ca09dc3.gif f9523ffe472c8ce2f39eabd4ef11dd85.gif 36c9ff4c8cb1b90a004d63034b2d546f.gif 002 An Introduction to Virtualization.mp4 (59.17 MB)
d94152f8760496a7f584e02c3f3a2a66.gif f55d81dab91c8ff027f9b6a0eb9e6e47.gif [02 Setup Tools and SSH Containers]
95cf28c3bf1e22be2577b03103fe745f.gif efda2d8e84c6833eee9e71bcfa048904.gif a848fdd0bc3ed1bc88d10635c11d33d9.gif 001 Running our first guest container.mp4 (14.52 MB)
db6c7f29574c849e85f338b53d7ac31d.gif 6e60eb83da556b9bdb157b1e7346c191.gif d8ef107dfdc4fff14c55e6cf5d679b94.gif 006 Using aliases effectively to shorten Docker commands.mp4 (34.41 MB)
aa9c8a452add1b596ee5923550a7ed34.gif 61a21849920ae105432c9a3f67dea0c2.gif ce74c4c09a19288a6b329298a83b9fd2.gif 002 Creating an ssh service using a Dockerfile.mp4 (37.31 MB)
d5921dcf93f50d4ac7857a45f4ceaa6b.gif f3a687e4546584511f23c31380ceb45c.gif 87cefa753d859175ef7e4e634da28b4a.gif 004 Creating an ssh container from the Docker Index.mp4 (16.35 MB)
6552605bd929eb00cbacb342b957fe24.gif 398116cd12ce1198a4090e35eeaa21dd.gif a3da9133cec2e210a9a4176778786604.gif 003 Creating an ssh service by committing a container.mp4 (36.44 MB)
e11373cf79dcc4b794c03b81c5b5bd97.gif eb5818327b502a5e43e42c35706b2b6e.gif 7f4631b7746cddddb84378338406ffe0.gif 005 Mapping specific ports to containers.mp4 (14.78 MB)

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