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[한글설치] How.To.Survive.2.Chinese.New.Year-SKIDROW

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  • How.To.Survive.2.Chinese.New.Year-SKIDROW
    용량 2.79G (2개 파일)
    • skidrow.nfo(11.85K)
    • sr-hts2cny.iso(2.79G)


iso 마운트 설치후

설치폴더 (64비트기준) C:Program Files (x86)505 GamesHow to Survive 2 - Chinese New Year 안에

Detect.exe 해상도설정

HowToSurvive2.exe 실행파일입니다

게임패드(엑박호환컨트롤러) 진동 되네요

steam_api64.ini 안에 Language = "koreana" 변경하면 언어 한글 지정됩니다

steam_api64.dll 백신검색에 걸립니다 예외로 두세요

?                         S  K  I  D  R  O  W                     婦?  ?
같?   ?                      .the leading force.                    死    三?
굇?   死                                                              霜  ? ?
께?  輻                        proudly presents                         署輻꿀
栢?                  How To Survive 2 - Chinese New Year                   栢?
栢百                             (c) 505 Games                             栢?
栢幡                                                                        栢?
栢?   23-01-2017......Release Date <-> Protection.................Steam    꾼?
栢?   Action.............Game Type <-> Disk(s)....................1 DVD    글?
栢?                                                                        견?
栢霜                                                                        兵?
賞百                                                                    ???
   ??RELEASE NOTES                                                      霜
 複?                                                                      査白
栢?Dear Survivors,                                                         栢?
栢?                                                                        栢?
栢?Please come and enjoy a little Chinese New Year celebration in game! In 栢?
栢?this free DLC we have new quests, new weapons, new zombies and a mean   栢?
栢?ole boss for ya!                                                        栢?
栢?                                                                        栢?
栢?This DLC includes:                                                      栢?
栢?                                                                        栢?
栢?- 2 new quests                                                          栢?
栢?- 1 boss                                                                栢?
栢?- 1 new melee weapon : "Shuang gou" double hooks                        栢?
栢?- 1 new range weapon : Traditional repeating crossbow                   栢?
栢?- 1 new hat from Chinese zombies                                        栢?
栢?- 1 new hat loot on the boss                                            栢?
栢?- A Chinese declension of common infected                               栢?
栢?- 2 new paper lanterns to craft to light up your camp                   栢?
栢?- 1 new recipe based on Chinese noodles                                 栢?
栢?                                                                        栢?
栢?NOTE:                                                                   栢?
栢?                                                                        栢?
栢?Made standalone, fully updated and includes all DLC to date!            栢?
栢?                                                                        栢?
栢?                                                                        栢?
栢?                                                                    複蔔幡?
栢? 複 ?                                                        複蔔賞兵幡栢?
栢蔔????                                              複複幡賽霜蔔幡?蔔幡?
栢霜?                                            複複幡賽? 複兵꿉賽 複幡 蔔꿉
賞百                       ?           複複兵꿉賽?? 複蔔賽? 複兵꿉?複賽?
   ??INSTALL NOTES      三?   複蔔賽賽     ?  複꿉賽  複 賽?   ??   ?
 複幡                      婦 賽              ??    兵?                  栢?
栢百                   ?                              ??                 栢?
栢?                                                                        栢?
栢?1. Unpack the release                                                   栢?
栢?2. Mount or burn image                                                  栢?
栢?3. Install                                                              栢?
栢?4. Copy the cracked content from the SKIDROW folder and into the main   栢?
栢?   install folder and overwrite                                         栢?
栢?5. Block the game in your firewall and mark our cracked content as      栢?
栢?   secure/trusted in your antivirus program                             栢?
栢?6. Play the game                                                        栢?
栢?7. Support the companies, which software you actually enjoy!  


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